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Celebrating 4 years from our first Sale

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

American Billy is not a fad. We have helped so many really quit smoking, not just nicotine, but actually quit smoking completely. We are happy and hope to keep helping until smoking is totally obsolete.

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LaTonya Lawson Lawson
Sep 24, 2020

djd103: I have seen several Walmart stores with a cigarette area and yes, they carry Billy55. However, you will not find them at the website price.


Aug 19, 2020

I want to trust American Billy, but. Their site has no way of contacting them, no email, no snail mail, no phone. I wanted to know what chemicals they add to their cigarettes as you can tell they have a ton of chemicals to keep their cigs burning, and it cooks the green tea so hot that it melds or molds into a tip point you can't knock off until the fire itself falls off.

I want to trust them but....

Even their ad home page has misleading info to it as they pasted a large Walmart Brand banner on there big as all life, but Walmart does not sell cigarettes, not even American Billy or Billy 55 and has…

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