Traditional Chinese Medicine used during the
Opium Wars.

THE FIRST AND ONLY non-pharmaceutical product that targets the dopamine striatum in the brain.

Non-clinical trials by the National Key Technology R & D Program, the China National Science Foundation and the Major Research Plan of NSFC, concludes this traditional formulation effectively alleviates spontaneous morphine withdrawal symptoms.

Highlights from study

"The dopamine system, which is involved in drug dependence, can be damaged by opioid abuse. However, current clinical medicines cannot reverse these damages in the brain, which are believed to be a key reason for the high relapse rate after abstinence treatment. This study aimed to investigate the effects of An-jun-ning (AJN), a commercial traditional Chinese medicine formula used for the treatment of opioid addiction, on the dopamine system in morphine-dependent rats and to explore the possible mechanism underlying its therapeutic effects."

"Pre-treatment with AJN attenuates wet dog shakes and episodes of writhing to approximately 50% or less of those observed in the morphine group (p < 0.01). (2) AJN post-treatment dose-dependently reduced the number of wet dog shakes (p < 0.01), and the episodes of writhing (p < 0.01). (3) Pre-treatment with AJN effectively interdicted the morphine-induced decreases in the levels of DAT, D2R, and TH in the striatum (p < 0.01) such that they remained at nearly normal levels. (4) Post-treatment with AJN restored DAT and D2R to the normal levels (p < 0.01) and the level of TH to 87% of normal in the striatum."

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2014; 14: 308.

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